Food for Thought about Rose Shows

  I have been growing roses since 1971 and have been a member of the American Rose Society way before they moved their headquarters to Shreveport. Over the years of my growing roses and joining the local society, I pride myself of having planted the most beautiful flower in the world. I have been a … Continue reading Food for Thought about Rose Shows


March 2019 Meeting of the Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society

Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society

Cramoisi Superieur 2 Cramoisi Superieur

The Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society will have their March meeting on Monday, March 18 with social at 6 pm and program at 6:30 pm at James Island Town Hall located at 1122 Dills Bluff Rd., James Island, SC 29412.

The program will be the China Rose which is the foundation species upon which all our modern roses are built, whether they be bedding or shrubs or perpetual-flowering climbers. It’s influence in rose-breeding over nearly two hundred years has been so great, so overwhelming, and so potent that it is difficult to see where we should have been without it. The most important characteristic of a China Rose is its ability to repeat bloom.

Here are a few of the China Rose that are still popular today.

  • Archduke Charles
  • Cramoisi Supérieur
  • Louis Philippe
  • Mutabilis
  • Old Blush
  • Perl d’Or’
  • Rouletii
  • Slater’s Crimson China
  • ‘The Green Rose’, R. viridiflora

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The Lovers’ Rose

A red rose for your valentine!

Rosalinda R Morgan

To all the romantics out there, here is one for you:

Love grandiflora rose ‘Love’ Grandiflora Rose – Photo Credit: Jackson & Perkins 

The Lovers’ Rose

The sweetest flower that blows

I give you as we part.

For you it is a rose,

For me it is my heart.

By Frederick Peterson (1859-1938)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.




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Suggested Winter Readings

      Next to rose gardening, my favorite hobby is reading. I can’t get enough books to read although we have already so many books in our home library. Winter is the best time to indulge myself. Here are some books which you might find helpful in the coming season.   Taylor’s Guides – … Continue reading Suggested Winter Readings

A Rose named after Our Lady of Guadalupe and a Motivational Tip for the Christmas Season

Stay Healthy and Stress free - Stop and Smell the Roses


In the Rose Gardening World, Our Lady of Guadalupe is a lovely pink Floribunda with 25 petals. Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose blooms are complemented with reddish green leaves and very healthy. It is prolific bloomer and as good if not better than Knock Out roses in my garden.

When it was first introduced, only Jackson and Perkins carried it for a while with part of the sales going to a charity. It is such a lovely rose in the garden. I had two bushes planted in the middle of a formal garden with six roses on the same bed. On one of my Ice Cream Socials at my garden in New York, I showed the rose to the priest who was attending the Ice Cream Social. I also had two American Beauty roses, the priest’s favorite rose on the bed and two Brother Cadfael roses, another pink rose. The…

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A Climbing Rose (Winner’s Circle) and a Tip for a Successful Life

Stay Healthy and Stress free - Stop and Smell the Roses

Winners Circle by Conard Pyle Photo Credit – Conard Pyle

Class: Climber

Date of Introduction: 1997

Hybridizer: William Radler

Registration Name: RADwin

Parentage: RADliv x RADkoswe

Conard Pyle, the introducer of Knock Out Roses also introduced the climbing rose collection of William Radler, the hybridizer of the Knock Out Family of roses. Just like the Knock Out Roses, the climbing roses are also disease resistant. One of these climbing roses is Winner’s Circle™.

This new climber from the breeder of ‘Knock Out’ is sure to become a favorite. Winner’s Circle™ is a bright red climber and can reach a height up to 12 ft. with 4 ft. wide spread. Its blooms average 3.75”, fire-engine red but no fragrance. They are non-fading and can take the heat. It is winter hardy to zone 5. Winner’s Circle™ is floriferous, a vigorous climber with semi-glossy, dark green foliage. Disease resistance is excellent. In the fall the foliage turns…

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American Rose Society and San Diego Rose Society honor our veterans

The American Rose Society just had their National Convention and Rose Show in San Diego and with plenty of roses after the convention, the San Diego Rose Society who was host to the convention did a wonderful job to pay tribute to our veterans by decorating their graves with roses, our national floral emblem. Thank … Continue reading American Rose Society and San Diego Rose Society honor our veterans