Is Rose Hard to Grow? Not if you use Eco-Friendly Method.

    As I talk to more people about growing roses, I was amazed at most of the answers I got: “Roses are hard to grow. You have to spray constantly.” It’s most likely the main reason why we are not attracting more members into the rose society. Spraying scares some people. I noticed even … Continue reading Is Rose Hard to Grow? Not if you use Eco-Friendly Method.


Rose Month in the Lowcountry

May is a rose month in the lowcountry and it keeps me very busy this month. First we had our rose show at Johns Island library. I meant not to get involved with some of the activities of the rose society this year since I finished my four-year term as president last December. But unknowingly … Continue reading Rose Month in the Lowcountry

Which Mulch is better for roses? Pine Bark or Pine Straw?

    This article appeared in the Carolina Rosarian, Winter 2016 issue of which I was the editor. It was written by Dr. Satish Prabhu, a Master Rosarian and a Rose Show Judge of the American Rose Society.   There is not a simple one or the other kind of answer to this question. In … Continue reading Which Mulch is better for roses? Pine Bark or Pine Straw?

Tips on Buying Roses

        On a recent visit to Lowe’s, I encountered a whole shelf of bagged roses. Then the following week, a whole shipment of container roses appeared on the display areas. If you are a novice rose gardeners, you’ll wonder which roses to buy.   Buying roses should not be a great challenge. … Continue reading Tips on Buying Roses

A Rose (Signature) and a Tip for a Happy, Healthy and Successful Living

Stay Healthy and Stress free - Stop and Smell the Roses

Signature Photo Credit – Bob Sabin

Class:   Hybrid Tea

Cultivar Name:   JACnor

Parentage:   ‘Honor’ x ‘First Federal’s Renaissance

Year of Introduction:   1996

Hybridizer:   William Warriner

‘Signature’ is most definitely a rose lover’s Rose. It was Jackson and Perkins Rose of the Year in 1996. Its consistent winning performance on the exhibition floor makes it a great choice for gardeners looking to show their roses and win. It is one of the top ten exhibition roses in the country since its introduction in 1996.

‘Signature’ is remarkable for the sheer size and intense coloration of its blooms with a hot pink base tone and cream-streaked centers on satiny petals that create a fantastic glowing effect as if the bloom was lit from within. Add to this the rose’s vigorous, tall, upright habit and great disease resistance, and it is easy to see why this rose earns the name ‘Signature’.

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Spring Forward to a New Rose Gardening Season

      As the weather warms up, there are certain things rose gardeners do to get ready for the season. While our fellow gardeners in the North are still hibernating, gardeners in the South are already in full swing of activities in the garden. Depending on where you are on the Hardiness Zone Map, … Continue reading Spring Forward to a New Rose Gardening Season