Rose Month in the Lowcountry

May is a rose month in the lowcountry and it keeps me very busy this month.

First we had our rose show at Johns Island library. I meant not to get involved with some of the activities of the rose society this year since I finished my four-year term as president last December. But unknowingly I was sucked into it. I ended up planning the event – getting the venue, doing the publicity, making the rose schedule and getting some sponsors. We didn’t go for a full-pledged rose show but just a mini show. The new president wanted a Fall rose show but since May is the peak rose season in the lowcountry, I suggested a mini show. Although somehow my roses peaked out two weeks before the show. The weather this year is just crazy.



For the last four years, we have been doing a rose display at Johns Island Library during the whole month of May. It is a great project for the Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society. Here is the display I created. We had rose books, rose plates, rose pictures, rose brochures and anything roses. We bring in fresh roses from the garden twice a week. Johns Island Library has been thrilled to have us and invited us back to do it again this year. Apparently, the visitors at the library enjoy our display and they can smell the fragrance as they enter the library. Our display is near the front door.

Here’s this year’s display:


This one is from prior year’s display:


Besides being busy in the garden, I finished my latest book a few days ago and will be released by the end of this month. Since I’ve been doing a lot of writing about roses and have been an editor of six newsletters for rose societies, I have decided to write a rose book. Something different. A rose book with a little twist. It is about roses and some motivational tips.

“Stop and Smell the Roses” is quite a unique phrase. It has something to do with roses and it is also an inspirational quote. What a perfect title for a book! So after two years of toying with the idea of using “Stop and Smell the Roses” for a title, I went ahead and did it. I welcome you to my garden and stop and smell the roses.

Stop and Smell the Roses Front Cover

“Stop and Smell the Roses” is now available on pre-order at Amazon Kindle. Click here to reserve your copy today. Paperback is coming soon.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.




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