Rosarium Uetersen, otherwise known as Seminole Wind, a climber


When the world much young, rose flower not same like now;

not gottum smell, no got stickums on stem.

One sun, rose flower say to Great Spirit,

“Great Spirit, me no happy.”

Great Spirit say, “Why you no happy, rose flower?”

Rose flower say, “When me look most best, dumb cow come and eat rose flower.

It work good short time.

Then rose flower grow, dumb cow reach over fence and eat rose flower.

Then Great Spirit give rose flower smell.

Him think smell keep dumb cow away.

Cow likum smell, come eat more rose flower.

Great Spirit get much mad.

Kickup dumb cow!

Great Spirit want think.

Great Spirit sit down – but no see cactus.

Him jump up like BANG!

Then Great Spirit say, “Bumd diputs woc!: That means, “I know how fixum dumb cow.”

Great Spirit go to rose flower and put points on stem like cactus, but more strong.

Dumb cow come, take big bite.

Cow chew, then say, Moooooooooooooooo!”

Next time you seeum dumb cow, you know how rose flower gottum smell, gottum stickums on stems.

Next time you get stuck on stickums, no get mad at rose flower, kickum dumb cow!


Source: New Zealand and Australian Rose Annuals


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda Morgan



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