When the world much young, rose flower not same like now; not gottum smell, no got stickums on stem. One sun, rose flower say to Great Spirit, “Great Spirit, me no happy.” Great Spirit say, “Why you no happy, rose flower?” Rose flower say, “When me look most best, dumb cow come and … Continue reading WHY ROSES HAVE THORNS



    Here is a Rose Glossary to help you understand some rose terms and enjoy your rose gardening hobby to the fullest.   AARS – All American Rose Selections ADR rose - a winner in the German ADR rose trial (Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenprüfung). No chemical pesticides have been allowed since 1997. ARC – American … Continue reading ROSE GLOSSARY

Rosey things to do in September and October

        Warm, sunny days and cool nights make our roses bloom larger and more brilliantly colored. However, we still have to do our part to make it happen. The summer heat typically continues into the month of September in the Charleston area. Up north where I came from, the temperature usually cools … Continue reading Rosey things to do in September and October

Rose Gardening Tips – Weed Control

    A weed is a plant that you don’t want. There’s an old saying that if a weed can’t grow in a garden, no other plant will grow there either. When my roses look very healthy, my weeds are just as healthy. At this time of the year, weeds are one of the biggest … Continue reading Rose Gardening Tips – Weed Control

Controlling Some Rose Disease Problems the Safest Way

A bed of Knock Out Roses at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.   As long as you can develop tolerance and not demand total perfection, you can enjoy growing roses without knowing all the solutions to every rose diseases. As we get older, we just don’t have the energy to maintain a perfect disease free rose garden. … Continue reading Controlling Some Rose Disease Problems the Safest Way

Vertical Gardening

  Do you go to the nursery store or look at those rose catalogs and said to yourself that I have to have that one rose or maybe two or three? Then you go outside and see that your garden is already full. What do you do? When you run out of space in your … Continue reading Vertical Gardening

Is Rose Hard to Grow? Not if you use Eco-Friendly Method.

    As I talk to more people about growing roses, I was amazed at most of the answers I got: “Roses are hard to grow. You have to spray constantly.” It’s most likely the main reason why we are not attracting more members into the rose society. Spraying scares some people. I noticed even … Continue reading Is Rose Hard to Grow? Not if you use Eco-Friendly Method.